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New Humanist School in Uganda partners with BBI —in Kanungu

Posted: Tue, May 23, 2017 | By: Kanungu (Uganda)

​Great news!

Another school has joined Brighter Brains Institute consortium of humanist schools in western Uganda. It is the 9th humanist school that BBI has supported, built, or inspired.

The school is called Kanungu Orphanage Humanist School - it is located in a small town 3.5 hours drive south of Kasese.

The town is notorious because a ghastly murder/suicide of over 1,000 people took place there in 2000. The large congregation of a Christian cult was immolated inside their church, in a tragedy similar to Jonestown.

Since that horrific event, Kanungu has soured on religious belief - opening the way for humanism.

Kanungu Orphanage Humanist School is directed by Robert Magara, who has asked BBI for financial assistance. The school needs funding for orphan sponsorships, a clinic, teacher salaries, and food. Members of BBI who are going to Uganda in June will be meeting with Robert Magara, and BBI will be campaigning in future months to acquire funds to help Kanungu with these needs.

Below are photos of the new humanist school (it was previously called Green Hill School).


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