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Mubarak Bala joins Brighter Brains Institute Board of Advisors

Posted: Thu, April 06, 2017 | By: BBI News

Mubarak Bala describes himself on his Facebook page Humanist Society of Northern Nigeria as “A Humanist. An Atheist. An ardent Anti-Theist. Angry at callous religions.” He is a chemical engineer from Kanos, Nigeria - a Sharia State and hotbed of Muslim fundamentalism. He was raised in “Wahhabi Islamic thought, with a jihad ideology” but he was an atheist activist by 2009, receiving death threats for blaspheming Islam.

In 2013 he was beaten up by three uncles and his father - a leading Islamic cleric - drugged by his older brother, and locked up in a psychiatric hospital; his atheism was categorized by an Egyptian doctor as a “mental disease.” He tweeted his predicament - from the hospital toilet - via a smuggled cell phone. Help was mobilized by the “Godless Mom” of Canada and the London-based International Humanist Ethical Union.

Mubarak Bala will assist BBI in our new Ex-Muslim Support Project.

He can be reached via @mubarakbala

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