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MTA Joins Multiple Organizations to Help Uganda AIDS Orphans - crowdfunding to build a chicken farm

Posted: Wed, September 17, 2014 | By: Transhumanism

The Mormon Transhumanist Association is collaborating with multiple religious, transhumanist, and humanitarian organizations to feed, educate and make self-sufficient twenty children at a “boarding school” (orphanage) in Jinja, the second-largest city in Uganda. The school is called “COISER” (Community Intiative for Self Reliance.) Uganda has a population of 2.5 million orphans, out of total population of 35 million. 40% of the children are orphaned bus to AIDS.

MTA’s partners in this endeavor are: Northminster Memorial United Church in Flin Flon, Canada. Its pastor is Alex McGilvery, a transhumanist and contributing writer to the Institute for Ethics and Emerging Technology (

Brighter Brains Institute - a transhumanist/neuro-futurist non-profit in Piedmont, California. Director there is Hank Pellissier, MTA’s new Manager of Humanitarian Projects

Chebar Ministries in “faith-based ministry” in Roswell, Georgia

MicroFinance in Action An economics class at Southwind High School in Memphis, Tennessee

A crowd fund campaign for COISER has been launched, to raise $3,000 to start a Poultry Farm. Cash raised by selling the eggs would support the orphanage, providing it with economic self-sufficiency. Plus the children could eat the eggs themselves, guaranteeing excellent healthy fat and protein for their brains.

The crowd fund campaign is HERE at

A video of the orphanage fund drive is HERE.

Contributions and promotional help are pouring in steadily; the chicken farm is 42% funded:

Mormon Transhumanist Association members have already donated $270.

Alex McGilvery’s friends, and members of his Northminster Memorial United Church in Flin Flon, Canada, have donated $270.

Brighter Brains Institute members have donated $185.

Thrilling perks are offered to contributors. With a $25 donation a laying hen gets named after you, if you contribute $50 you get a coop with your name on it, $75 and your name is immortalized on a fencepost, and for $100 you can stay in the orphanage’s Guest House, when you vacation there.

Many children at COISER are orphans because their parents died of AIDS, and many are themselves HIV/AIDS positive. Other children were left there by very poor parents who could not meet the children’s basic needs - food, clothing, education, medical care. A third category are the children with mothers in prison; the mothers gave birth to them in jail and they gave them up because they had no support.

Jinja has a large percentage of the population defined as “working urban poor” - average annual household income is estimated at $100.

MTA hopes that its members will participate in this unique collaboration of techno-progressive and/or religious organizations, to benefit those who are in desperate need. All you have to do is go HERE and contribute whatever you can.

Additional information can be found here:


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