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Motorcycles vs. Malaria! — curing SubSaharan orphan diseases with dirtbike rentals

Posted: Wed, December 23, 2015 | By: Mini-Projects

Boda-Boda is the slang term for the ubiquitous little motorbikes that varoom in East Africa, carrying everything from a family of seven to a prized cow (see photos).

Brighter Brains Institute (BBI), a think-and-do tank in the San Francisco Bay Area, will safeguard the health of Ugandan children by purchasing eight boda-bodas: red Chinese-made Senko CG-125’s that arrive in 129 pieces in a cardboard box, but are easily assembled.

The boda-bodas will be rented out at $3/per day, $20 per week, $900 per year.

Funds generated by the rentals will help support the twelve clinics that Brighter Brains Institute has launched in western Uganda, in a region that encloses the Ruwenzori “Mountains of the Moon.” Many of the clinics are in remote rural areas that can only be reached via trails that cars can’t access, but boda-bodas find fun.

The clinics are all attached to schools and orphanages, to provide free health care to the students. Ugandan children suffer from malaria, peptic ulcer disease (caused by malnutrition), parasitic worm infections, and many other maladies.

Uganda has 3-4 million orphans, rendered parentless by AIDS, civil wars, accidents, diseases, poverty, and imprisonment. BBI has clinics at Nyakiyumbu Widow Orphanage School, Rays of Light Orphanage School, and BiZoHa Orphanage (see photo below)

The cost of a boda-boda with insurance is $1,250. The cost of a BBI clinic, amazingly, is only $1,500 per year - $500 annual salary for the medic, with the remainder spent on medicine.

Brighter Brains Institute is contacting motorcycle clubs, businesses, mechanics, motocross events, and dirtbike lovers to see if they want to purchase a boda-boda for this clever, charitable cause.

All donations are tax deductible. Photos and records of the boda-boda’s rental activities will also be provided.

Questions can be sent to

Photo below: a boda-boda freshly assembled, out of the box.


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