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Mother Givers School in Buhanga is now: Humanist !

Posted: Wed, May 04, 2016 | By: Humanism

​Mother Givers School in the small village of Buhanga has agreed to accept Humanism, and teach its ideas in their classroom.

Buhanga is located in western Uganda, five miles by trail into the Ruwenzori mountains, uphill from the market center of Kyarumba.

Brighter Brains Institute met representatives from their village last November. Since then we have established a medical clinic, and piped in water to their village from 3 miles uphill.

Mother Givers School has subsequently changed its name to “Mother Givers Humanist School.” Additionally, they have posted the Ten Humanist Principles on the wall of their classroom, and they will be delivering humanist lectures to the students (written by members of BBI).

Mother Givers is one of four schools in the Kyarumba area that BBI has recently “converted” to humanism. The other three are Rays of Light Orphanage School, Vision Care School, and Mughete Junior Primary School.

We welcome Mother Givers Humanist School into our movement to secularize Uganda, and Africa.

Donations to BBI to “convert” more African schools to Humanism can be made HERE or send email inquiries to

We are looking for secular groups who want to sponsor classrooms, and orphans at our schools.


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