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Posted: Thu, March 23, 2017 | By: Mother Givers Humanist School

by Masereka Sebastian

The children, Parents, teachers and the Buhanga women collective are very happy. A very big motivation to let children commit to education is the science excursion that was done yesterday 22/03/2017 in Queen Elizabeth National park.

For the first time some children entered vehicles and saw a tarmac road.

All the 40 children had never seen a salt lake, they touched on the saline water, all used to see the lake waters from Buhanga, but yesterday they touched the lake waters of Lake George and Edward and used water transport through the boat/ Boat cruise.

Facilitated by Mr. Kimulya Yowasi of Katwe Tourism Information Centre

At Lake Katwe salt Lake they learnt how salt is mined through the process of sedimentation. The scams on the waters in a salt pan is thrown to each other and allow sinking in the water to make salt that is thus mined after 8-9 days. And that salt formation depends on high temperatures..

They learnt that Gas smell produced from a salt lake is hydrogen sulphide, saw the salt pans, types of salt produced

The means of transport during mining grade 3 rock salt/Mahode for animals from the main lake is Rafters, they float on waters. (Pictured)

Types of salt extracted from Lake Katwe Salt Lake

  • Grade 2 washed
  • Grade 2 un washed
  • Grade 3 rock salt

Children learnt that the salt lake has two in late water streams and has no out late

These in lattes are-Kyabamba River, Kasabuni and Kanyamiyomba.

Uses of Katwe Crude salt

  • Human Consumption,
  • animal feed
  • used in soap Making industry
  • And sugar making as a bleaching agent.

Among others the above were learnt from Lake Katwe Salt Lake

Facilitator Jane Nalongo Queen Elizabeth National Park Guide

In Queen Elizabeth National park children learnt about and saw different types of animals like the Uganda Kob, lions, hippopotamus, elephants, leopards, crocodiles, monkeys, baboons, buffalo and chimpanzees.

Other animals that were not seen alive were shown to children in a museum

Learnt about how the lakes George, Edward and Albert were formed (faulting) and lake Katwe salt lake formation and other crater lakes formed through Volucanicity; they learnt this from the table map (pictured)

Jane also further explained about the uses of Queen Elizabeth National Park, and the need to conserve the environment like protecting wetlands and planting many trees in homes and not eucalyptus trees which has many negative impacts.

Another treasure of the science excursion was the boat cruise, other children feared stepping in the boat, and Jane the guide explained to them that the cruise is safe with the life jackets and the type of boat.

From here children learnt how the driver deals with the boat, saw crocodiles and animals especially hippos swimming, the buffalos, birds swimming and othersw on the edge of the lake, other types of snakes, water waves, small boats at Kazinga fishing village etc.

At Katunguru landing site(Kazinga channel- joins lake George and Edward )children learnt about fishing using small manual boats, they were motivated to see how fishermen arrived with boats and fish, they were interested about the way fishermen catch fish and the amount of money they get; selling fish by auctioning.

Children watched water divers from up the bridge top down the water- , it was interesting for children to watch this.(the distance is over 10-12 meters dive).(PICTURED)

From Katunguru landing site children proceeded to see the equator line at Kikorongo in Queen Elizabeth National Park, madam Margret asked them to explained what is meant by the ward equator and equator line.Children were happy to reach this point and touched the circles.

Lastly, I heard children saying, thank you for what you have done for us, we knew that the world ends in Buhanga. In other words, thank you Meredith, Kerry Mills, Sebastian, Brighter Brains Institute and Buhanga Thulibaghuma Women’s Group.

Next to come is the recap by children and recommendations.Perhaps in 1,2-3 days. Children are resting today.

Many Photos have been taken, I will post 1 by 1 or 3 at ago or more…………….


Photos below


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