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MicroLoans to Buhanga Women are Successful

Posted: Thu, December 08, 2016 | By: Women’s Equality

BBI Board member Karen Zelevinksy recently asked the Buhanga Thuligahuma Women’s Collective if any members were interested in receiving microloans of $500.

Four women took on loans from Karen, for a variety of agricultural projects. They were:

* Masiki Lazer, for palm oil, sundried and smoked fish
* Biira DeFroza, for beans and cassava flour
* Faisi Bwambale, for passion fruits and Irish potatoes
* Musungu Joyce, for cassava

The four women are already paying back the loans, and they are quite happy. The $500 has enabled them to start and expand their businesses.

Thanks, Karen!

For more information on microloans to the Buhanga Women, go to their webpage.


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