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Microfinance In Action

Posted: Sat, August 16, 2014 | By: Misc./BBI

Microfinance In Action is an innovative humanitarian activity that is conducted by students studying Economics at Southwind High School, in Memphis, Tennessee. Their teacher is Biba Kavass, a Fellow of the Brighter Brains Institute.

The students of Microfinance in Action have provided loans to sixty-eight nations via KIVA - everyplace from Albania to Zimbabwe.

Microfinance in Action and Brighter Brains Institute collaborate together to provide educational opportunities to impoverished children.

The Memphis students have contributed significant amounts of money to support educational opportunities for orphans and other disadvantaged children in the city of Jinja and the town of Kyarumba, both in Uganda.

Their book “Microfinance in Action - a Guide for Teenagers” will be available in 2015. Information about it is Here

Microfinance in Action’s website is Here


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