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Micro-loan Report from Kanungu Women Empowerment Centre

Posted: Thu, November 09, 2017 | By: Women’s Equality

The Kanungu Women Empowerment Centre sincerely thanks our beloved generous humanist funders for your continued support which is really fundamental to the social sustainable development of women families and their children.

Its on the activity plan that every woman member of our groups will be followed up in our outreach campaigns program visiting their proposed projects during the start of this program.

1. Jane Kyomuhendo - her bought goat is growing well. See her with her goat at her home.

2. Ruth Muyambi - her pig is fantastically growing. See her with her husband in the photo.

3. Shallon Kakuru - was found sleeping not feeling well but accompanied me to her project. She bought two piglets. These are growing very very well. See her in the photo with her young baby.

4. Honesta Musimenta - she didn’t build the stay but her piglet is growing well too. She feeds her pig with different varieties of green grass especially; the sweet potatoe leaves and roots.see her feeding her piglet in the photo.

Honesta's pig is growing well
Honesta’s pig is growing well
more piglets
Ruth looking at her two piglets
two piglets

Jane and her goat
Jane and her goat


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