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Medicine Purchased for Embrace Global Change Clinic

Posted: Wed, September 30, 2015 | By: Past Projects

by Bwambale Robert

I have today purchased drugs from a local pharmacy meant for the Embrace Global Change clinic situated in Nyakiyumbu. We are now in the last quarter of this project which has been running since January this year.

Each Quarter we pay the medic some token for his hard work. The clinic is managed by the Nyakiyumbu Widows Association which is run and managed by widows who also own a primary school.

The drugs quotation was prepared by the Embrace Global Change medic and when purchasing the drugs, i moved with the Kasese Humanist Primary School Pellissier Science Lab Medic Mr. Lamech who provided guidance and advice on the rightful drugs to buy for the widows and orphans of Nyakiyumbu.

It should be noted that the funds that manages this clinic is provided by a generous donor in the USA named Biba Kavass.

Attached is a glimpse of the purchased items destined for Nyakiyumbu tomorrow.

With Science, we can progress.


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