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Martine Rothblatt Creates First Full Size Electric Helicopter

Posted: Thu, November 03, 2016 | By: Humanism

by Steve Hanley

Martine Rothblatt is not your typical person. She is the founder of Sirius satellite radio and vehicle navigation company GeoStar. When her daughter was diagnosed with a rare life-threatening form of pulmonary hypertension, Rothblatt formed United Therapeutics to market medication for others suffering from the same disease. Because pulmonary hypertension often requires a lung transplant, she next created a division of her drug company that focuses on developing artificial and transplantable lungs from pig genetics.

(note: Martine Rothblatt is an endorser of the Brighter Brains Institute’s “Science Missionary Expedition to Rural Uganda” project.)

But the helicopters that deliver those artificial lungs are loud and not particularly environmentally friendly, so Rothblatt decided it was time to invent the first full-size battery-powered electric helicopter to deliver the transplantable organs more cleanly and quietly. Helicopters can burn 500 pounds of aviation fuel every hour, leaving a trail of carbon emissions in their wake.

Rothblatt is also a certified helicopter pilot. She says the inspiration for the electric helicopter came from Tesla Motors. She is a big fan of Elon Musk and owns seven Tesla automobiles. At the grand Gigafactory dedication last summer, she gave a presentation to the audience about her battery-powered helicopter concept.

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Source: Fortune | Photo Credit: Tier 1


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