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Mangyan “Laying Hens Project”

Posted: Sun, May 04, 2014 | By: Philippines

by Sally Melendres

The San Lorenzo Ruiz Academy school/community needs startup capital of 70,000.00 pesos for the following items:

P 40,000.00 for 40 hens (Lohman breed)

P 10,000.00 for the construction of laying hens cage

P 20,000.00 for feeds

We have already received USD20.00, donated by Wesley Smith.

Each hen eats 110 grams of feed a day. 40 hens together eat a total 10 kilos per day costing P 300.00

One hen can lay 21 eggs in one month for up to 16 months. Each of the 40 hens can lay 320 eggs in 16 months. After 16 months, the hens are no longer productive but they can be sold, and the capital can be used for another round of hens until we meet the desired number of eggs for the whole community.

The primary goal of laying eggs is for the Mangyans to have a good source of protein, however, if the hens produce more than enough eggs for the Mangyan, we will teach the Mangyans how to market the extra eggs, to obtain money for other basic needs.

Please help us if you can!

Sally Melendres, director San Lorenzo Ruiz Academy


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