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Mangyan Children now have “Brighter Brain” Tshirts to Wear

Posted: Sun, June 22, 2014 | By: Philippines

​The Brighter Brains Institute shipped 16 t-shirts to the Mangyan children in June 2014, that the children are presently wearing to school. The t-shirts were silkscreened by Hank Pellissier, from an original design he created.

The Mangyan children live near Calapan City, on the island of Mindoro, in The Philippines. Brighter Brains Institute has a long history of supporting them: we have donated food, clothing, school supplies, tools, seeds, agricultural land and medicine, and we help pay their teachers’s salaries.

We hope the “Brighter Brains” image will encourage the children to study hard and believe that they can be academically successfully. Additionally, it is good for them to just have some new clothes to wear.

Below are photos of the children in their new apparel:


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