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“Local Priest Uttering Lies about Humanist Schools”

Posted: Wed, February 08, 2017 | By: Kasese (Uganda)

by Bwambale Robert Musubaho

“One man of god is caught on camera uttering lies about Kasese Humanist Primary School”,

we are not satanic as the Zealot claims. Satanic or Wrong acts in society are what we are fighting against. You just dont have to be religious to fight wrong acts. Check out the video link of this Reverend father.


I today worked on modifying the signpost to the Rukoki Campus along the Fort Portal Kasese Highway in which am notifying the public that Kasese Humanist School is a full fledged institution that now offers Nursery,Primary & Secondary education to Ugandans.

I do have a video am sharing in which one religious zealot was caught on camera uttering ignorant statements about HUMANISM and what it entails pinpointing at the Bizoha Project at Muhokya. I guess he might be among the enemies of Kasese Humanist who are propelling lies in places of worship misguiding parents to shun away educating their children with us.

Its a great shame that someone who studied Theology can’t even reason out that all philosophies are man made, Science & Religion are all man made and are subject to reason.

21st Century is an era of no lies, we call it the information age or in simple terms the INFORMATION ERA. Our initiatives are clean, smooth and aimed at empowering people be better citizens for the world, we live in a world of diversity and this world belongs to all of us. Just imagine how many religions the world has, how many gods the world has, how many spirits so far invented.

I just advise that religious fanatic to mind his business. Kasese Humanist is a place of Knowledge & it will not at any one time be a place or worship despite the fact that we tolerate people’s beliefs.

It sucks when someone misguides people. All in all, ignorance, poverty, disease and irrational superstitious beliefs are the reason why Africa is backward over the ages.

Science and Reason rocks, With Science, we can progress.


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