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Lily Rice Visits Garama Secondary Humanist School

Posted: Sun, March 26, 2017 | By: Misc./BBI

Lily Rice - an anthropologist from Cambridge University - visited Garama Humanist Secondary School this week.

Garama has received support from many Brighter Brains Institute projects. We have given them a Joycelyn Elders Clinic - with funding for three years - plus a Bob Pellissier Piggery, plus we’ve sponsored 10 girl orphans, and we’ve provided regular funds for food, AFRIpads, and teacher salaries. Additionally, we have helped many women in the area receive surgery fixing their fistulas, and most recently, BBI money was provided by Chai Garcia for a Clean Water Project and a Passion Fruit Project.

Lily Rice is visiting seven BBI humanist schools in western Uganda. She is writing a paper on humanism in Uganda.

Below are photos of her visit to Garama:


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