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Lily Rice Observations on MIWODIF, Gamara and Humanism

Posted: Mon, March 27, 2017 | By: Humanism

​Lily Rice is a Cambridge University anthropologist who is currently writing a paper on humanism in Uganda. She is visiting most of the humanist schools that are supported by Brighter Brains Institute.

Below is her report on the activities of MIWODIF (Mitooma Women’s Dignity Foundation), Garama Secondary Humanist School, and the impact of humanism on these organizations.

* I saw tailoring and hairdressing classes going on at the MIWODIF centre in Mitooma. These were well attended with many women taking part in the classes.

* I also had the chance to visit a more rural area, where MIWODIF is establishing some vocational classes in tailoring and hairdressing, to help provide employment and livelihoods to young and vulnerable women and children. MIWODIF were transporting machines donated and funded by a grant delivered through the US Embassy. The project is also funded by them and will help support over 500 women.

* I then had the opportunity to visit two women’s savings groups who were having their meetings. Interestingly several men were also involved in these groups. They meet every Monday to save money so members can then apply for loans and earn interest. There are over 300 of these groups in the area.

* On the following day we travelled to Garama secondary school. Whilst here I had the chance to see the water tank and clean water system funded by Chai Garcia. We also spoke to teachers at the school and Cathy checked on those students who are being sponsored. Amongst the teachers there was a lack of knowledge about where the funds are coming from, so I think there needs to be much more work done to ensure transparency and communication. These teachers asked for more sensitization for both parents, students and teachers on humanism, as currently they are not clear about humanism, and some parents and teachers have been misinformed that it is illuminati etc. So I think this issue needs addressing as soon as possible. They say they are grateful for the support but they are unsure about where it is coming from and what they are expected to do in return, which is the issue.


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