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Brighter Brains Institute sends $100 to Uganda Jewish Orphans

Posted: Sun, November 30, 2014 | By: Past Projects

Brighter Brains Institute sent $100 to aid the impoverished and hungry orphans of the Ugandan Jewish community, called the “Abayudaya.”

Sixty-nine orphans - 37 girls, 32 boys - attend Jonathan Netanyahu Memorial School in Kabwangasi, Uganda.

The orphans are members of the tiny Abayudaya (“children of Judah”) community - 2,000 Ugandan Jews. There are five synagogues - in Nabugoye, Namanyonyi, Nasenyi, Namutumba and Putti.

Orphans in Uganda are the “poorest of the poor.” The nation’s 3.5 million orphans are parentless due to AIDS, violence, accidents, and abandonment.

Per capita income in Uganda is $567 per year; rural groups like the Abayudaya subsist on half that.

The Abayudaya orphans need rescue assistance to survive the winter. They presently get only one meal a day, and they lack warm clothes, blankets, and medicine.

The $100 we sent will be used to purchase warm socks for the winter

Jonathan Netanyahu Memorial School was created to help marginalized Jewish children and orphans. It offers courses in “Hebrew Language”, “Jewish Music”, and “History of the Jewish People” to its Jewish students.

The school promotes Interfaith peace and cooperation - it accepts students of any religion and there are Muslim, Christian and Jewish teachers at the school.

Our contact with the Abayudaya was Enosh Keki Mainah (photo below)


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