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Kirembo Women thank BBI for Condoms

Posted: Thu, November 09, 2017 | By: Women

Hello Brighter Brains Institute -

Please receive greetings from Kirembo United Women Association. We are grateful for BBI Support of 245.847 shillings to the women group.

We thank your friends whom you mobilized to let you help us.

Madam Biira Charity came our organization and trained us how to use modern methods of family planning i.e. on condom use and cycle beads. This training will help us reduce unnecessary pregnancies, and help us to plan well for our families.

We bought 1 box of male condoms @ 80.000 shillings,19 boxes of female condoms @ 95.000 shillings, 9 cycle beads @ 45.000 shillings, transport-20.000 shillings and 5.000 shillings for withdrawal charge, total amount used was 245.000 shillings.

Kirembo Women like humanism so much because it helps women to live peaceful and improves their welfare by supporting our income generating projects. We request that you continue.

Below is the attached photos of women receiving condoms during our meeting.

Thank you so much.


Mrs. Mbambu Margret - chairperson


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