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Kirembo United Women for Development - list of members & activities

Posted: Tue, August 01, 2017 | By: Women’s Empowerment

Kirembo United Women for Development is located near Kasango Hospital, in Kasese District, in western Uganda. They have approached Brighter Brains Institute, seeking support for their activities.

BBI is interested in helping women’s groups in 2017-2018. We are already writing grants for 4-6 women’s organizations, and we’ll start appealing for money for them via GoFundMes and our email list, in late August or early September.

Kirembo United Women for Development is:

Mbambu Margret (Director) 40 years old - Teacher
Muhindo Beatrice - 48 yrs - peasant farmer.
Mbambu Jesca - 30 yrs - peasant farmer
Biira Veni - 35yrs.- Trader
Kabugho Margret - 34 yrs. - Trader
Kabugho Jetrace - 43 yrs. - Peasant Farmer
Kabugho Susan - 46 yrs. - Peasant Farmer
Muke Phelezia - 38 yrs - Peasant
Nziabake Scovia -32 yrs. Tailor
Kabugho Constance - 58 yrs - Peasant Farmer
Kiiza Yozophine - 55 yrs - Peasant
Masika Nyesi - 32 yrs. - Peasant
Nakungu Felestus - 45 yrs. Tailor



Activities: Piggery, poultry, bee keeping, crop farming, micro finance, support girl child education, support orphans, fight domestic violence


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