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KHPS is now Graham Primary School

Posted: Sat, April 16, 2016 | By: Kasese Humanist Primary School

by Bwambale Robert

Hello to my Associates, Partners and Friends,

On behalf of Kasese Humanist School which now cherishes of having developed into 3 schools now at separate campuses in the last 6 years all located on their permanent homes.

Am happy to introduce to you Graham Primary School - Kasese which opened its doors to our former premises at Railway which we had rented for some 5 years, with effect from this year, we relocated to the Rukoki Campus. As a matter of fact some children could not make it to Rukoki and one of our old serving members within the circles of Kasese United Humanist Association decided to take over that school and we as an organization favored him with start ups of furniture, school library materials, a few scholastic and we continue to coordinate and share resources.

Mulekya Edison is the Director at this new school called Graham Primary School which is also embracing humanist values and ethos.

The school face book page is http://facebook/grahamprischool/

There continue to be more schools that continue to pick up interest in offering balanced education with a strong emphasis on evidence based learning.

The struggle continues of ensuring secular views, ideas are brought in our education system such that we fight out dogma and indoctrination which ranks high in our schools and communities.

I will always be there to help out this new school follow my footsteps so that it develops into a school like Kasese Humanist Primary School is doing and wish them the very best in their endeavors.

I encourage the secular communities locally and worldwide to share ideas , support to ensure proper service delivery to Ugandans.

Your in Free thought,

Bwambale Robert Musubaho

School Director @ Kasese Humanist Primary Schools


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