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Kanungu Women’s Empowerment Centre - list of members

Posted: Sun, August 06, 2017 | By: Women

The following is the list of all members of Kanungu Women’s Empowerment Centre ( KAWEC ).

1. Komugyisha Gaudensia
2. Komugyisha Brasidiya
3. Beinenama Claudia
4. Abiya Tumwebaze
5. Eva’s Tugumisirize
6. Annah Tumusiime
7. Eva’s Twesiigye
8. Evelyn Musanyuse
9. Rests Muhereza
11. Onesta Ndorere
12. Jolly Nyeheireyo
13. Annet Andinda
14. Medias Tumwebaze
15. Hildah Friday
16. Easter Gonzaga
17. Levinah Tumusiime
18. Asiimwe Rosemery
19. Varaly Kyakatita
20. Sarah Birungyi
21. Frank Kamusiime
22. Saadu Tukamushaba
23. Mediums Kyomuhendo
24. Agatha Bakarweha

Their main occupation is farming as many didn’t go to school. The name of their director is Obvious Atwongyere. Her email address is

The goals of the women’s group are:

1. To establish a clinic.

2. Supporting small businesses ( =microfinance) to improve their livelihood.

3. To end domestic violence, which is common in Kayungwe.

4. Tailoring machines to make hand crafts like baskets that can sold in order to earn income.

5. Seeds, pesticides, fertilizer, tools for agriculture.

6. Making modern cookstoves to reduce usage of firewood


  • $90—Salary for Director
  • $1,800 - Money for Microfinance Investments
  • $80 - female and male condoms


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