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Kenyan Journalists Visit BiZoHa and Jane Shrimpton Clinic

Posted: Tue, July 12, 2016 | By: BiZoHa (Uganda)

by Bwambale Robert Musubaho

Jane Shrimpton Clinic gets visited by Kenyan journalists who are documenting the works of Bwambale Robert a self styled humanist who is promoting his works and philosophy through good works.

The Kenyan journalists working on a documentary featuring the works of a Ugandan freethinker/humanist/atheist who is changing and touching lives of young people through education are around since Monday this week.

The journalists have so far visited the Bizoha Humanist School - Kahendero and the KHPS Rukoki Campus and Jane Shrimpton Clinic at Kahendero.

Tomorrow they hope to document the Morning runs which are part of the physical fitness activities courtesy of Masereka Solomon and they will be attending a parents meeting to be held at the Bizoha Campus Muhokya on Thursday this week.

I am so grateful that am honored to get my works documented, its great that from a humble beginning and my past history of challenges. Thanks be to my parents,uncles and friends both local and international to making me what i am.

Am happy for the path i focus on of Science and Reason to be a driving factor to take Uganda to another level. Evidence based practical learning is the way to go guys. I know some appreciate what i do while other seem not to appreciate what am doing but the truth is, this world is always like that. We have enemies and friends but what unites us all, we are human and we all pass through the same life cycle and share one life.

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With Science, we can progress.


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