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Chicken Project to Feed Children and Support Clinic at Mother Givers Humanist School - FUNDED

Posted: Thu, May 19, 2016 | By: Buhanga (Uganda)

by Kabugho Victorina

We have today 17/05/2016 discussed with other members of Buhanga Thulibaghuma Women’s Group and agreed that at Buhanga we shall rear local chicken.

Members gave the following reasons:

1) Local chicks eat little feeds and consume little vaccines
2) They can produce many chicks
3) They are disease resistant
4) They require a small piece of land or little space
5) It is very beneficial in terms of production for example each hen can produce 5 -20 chicks or more.
6) With many chicks produced, both the group members who rear the hens and the children at Mother Givers Humanist School will benefit by feeding on them.

Chicken and items needed:

1) We need 380 local hens which can lay eggs, hatch them and produce chicks.
2) There are 38 women who will keep hens at their homes. Each woman will look after 10 hens
3) Each hen costs 20,000.
4) Items needed are vaccines, Drinkers and feeds
5) Veterinarian.

Each member shall build a house for chicken and they will be approved by veterinarian before given hens.

Monitoring and evaluation:

The executive committee members will always monitor group members to know the status of hens or chicken. They will be assisted by a veterinarian who will always advise on this project. We shall always pay him/ her allowances.

Also home to home visits shall be done to learn from each other.

Vaccinations and feeding chicken

There will always be routine vaccination of hens to avoid diseases and feeding chicken on necessary feeds.
This will promote health and growth of hens.

At start, the donor will provide feeds and vaccination for I year. Thereafter, the project will sustain itself; By the end of one (1) year we are hopeful that the hens will have produced more than 5 times the original ones and we think that we can have some chicks to sell to get money to buy feeds and vaccines, chicken for children to eat and few for members to eat or sell to earn an income.

Budget for a year Time

Hens/chicken 380 20,000 7,600,000
Dozens of vaccines packets 10 78,000 780,000
Drinkers 114 7,000 798,000
tones of Feeds 3 800,000 2,400,000
Monthly allowances for a veterinarian for a year 12 100,000 1,200,000
Total Cost 12,778,000 Uganda Shillings Or $3758 US

By Victorina Kabugho on behalf of Buhanga Thulibaghuma Women’s Group

THIS PROJECT HAS BEEN 100% funded. Many donors contributed - significant donors were Davida LaComte, Dave and Carol Thompson, and Cindy Pellissier


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