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Kasese Humanist Primary School gets a Maize and Cassava Milling Plant

Posted: Mon, September 26, 2016 | By: Kasese Humanist Primary School

by Bwambale Robert Musubaho

In our Journey of ensuring life gets better for our pupils, workers and parents of the school.

Kasese Humanist Primary School through connections fostered by the School Director has seen acquisition of a Maize and Cassava milling plant which adds up to the list of sustainable projects that aim at generating extra funds to supplement collections from local and international parents or guardians.

The donation came in from one of my friends who love and like what our school does; the donation was targeted at ensuring the school gets its food processed with ease, earn some income, also the mill act as a learning tool to some children who fancy mechanical engineering work and appreciating the goodness of Science as a driving force in improving life for humanity.

The mill is located on a spacious robust property which comprises a permanent building connected to 3 phase AC electricity grid with a single spacious permanent building with a dilapidated brick structure behind.

The area is situated along the Mbarara – Kasese highway within Muhokya Trading Center. Initially this place has been milling only cassava but after the purchase of the property, I secured the Huller which is a great machine in working on removing the coat on the maize seeds prior to milling.

The spacious property will posses micro projects alongside the milling venture and the dilapidated structure will be renovated as time unfolds from revenues realized from the mill plant.

Attached are some of the pictures of the procured property.

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With Science, we can progress.


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