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Kasese Humanist Schools Celebrate Seven Years of Existence - December 2, 2017

Posted: Tue, December 12, 2017 | By: Kasese (Uganda)

Speech by Bwambale Robert Musubaho, School Director

Dear our Parents/Invited Guests/Friends/Teaching and Non teaching staffs/Opinion leaders in your different capacities and our students at large, I welcome all of you to this event and I am honored to have all of you here as we celebrate 7 years in active service.

Kasese Humanist School was started in 2011. It is an idea that came out of an organization that I founded in 2009. The organization name is Kasese United Humanist Association registered as a community based organization with Registration number CBO/223.Its registered under Kasese District Development Network (KADDNET).

Activities of Kasese United Humanist Association include:

Promote quality education in Uganda,
Encourage locals to invest in sustainable agriculture
Advance secular views by encouraging people to use well their brains to solve problems.
Promoting the application of science views and ideas in improving our lives.
Promotion of human rights, gender equality & respect of child rights.

Kasese United Humanist Association is a humanist organization which is affiliated to Uganda Humanist Association which is also networked with other humanist organizations worldwide.

Kasese Humanist School offers nursery, primary and secondary school education to Ugandans, we teach the national school curriculum; all our teachers are from local teachers colleges. We spice the curriculum with vocational skills trainings in carpentry, tailoring, computers and gardening.

What it means to be Humanist

In simple terms a humanist is someone who embraces Humanism

All humans are naturally born humanists. What makes us special is our ability to sense what is right from what is wrong, what is good from what is bad, what is a lie from what is true.

What brings all this is our correct use of our brains. The brain empowers us with reason.

Humanism is a way of thinking which empowers human beings to accept that they have the potential to manage their wellbeing and state of affairs using SCIENCE & REASON.

Humanism is all about devising answers to problems that affect us.

Humanism allows us to know more about things around us and beyond.

Humanism empowers us to live in good harmony with each other irrespective of what they believe in.

Humanism encourages us to be good, do well because it’s what is required from us during our life time.

Humanism is not religion as many think so but it’s a way of living, it’s a lifestyle or life stance. In Humanism or science, there is nothing like spirits. The only spirit I know is in science and it’s a type of alcohol.

Meaning of BIZOHA

The word Bizoha is a project name I drafted for the projects in Muhokya and Kahendero. Each first two letters represents a name of some of my friends who helped me when I started this project.

Bi stands for BIBBA KAVASS – High school teacher, Zo stands for Zoltan Istvan – Scientist, Politician. Ha stands for Hank Pellissier – Brighter Brains charity Founder.

Achievements in the last 7 years:

We have helped government by educating children over the years,

We have grown over the years moving from a rented property to our own property in Rukoki, Muhokya and Kahendero.

Our school has provided job opportunities to Ugandans as teachers & non teaching staffs, builders, carpenters, farm workers, drivers to mention but a few.

We have initiated women emancipation campaigns by emphasizing on Girl child education and self help projects.

Through my efforts I have lobbied for child sponsors, donors to help the school. More than 250 children over the years have studied under the child sponsorship scheme.

We have an orphanage hostel in Muhokya where we feed, shelter and educate 12 orphans who live at this hostel, and other orphans close to 93 are being educated for free at the Bizoha School in Muhokya.

We have engaged our learners to learn practical skills in computers, tailoring, carpentry, knitting and gardening.

We managed to put up the Bizoha Humanist Center which is a building serving different roles, it has a Hostel for guests, shops, library and offices for Kasese United Humanist Association & Women group.

Challenges faced in running the school project:

Poor payment of school fees by some parents.

Payment of staff salaries.

All our schools have not got any licenses yet but we are in the process of getting that done.

Fencing our schools and equipping them with electricity, smooth cemented floors and water storage tanks.

Misconceptions or bad smear towards my projects:

There are things I have been hearing or getting reports from the people I work with, my friends and my students both new and old, I kept a deaf ear for all these years because I knew they are false allegations and there is a saying that never argue with a fool but I think it’s important to respond to them here.

People have been wondering about the rapid progress realized by my schools in just a short time.

Linking me to illuminati whom they say sacrifice children to get riches.

Have rumors saying that some pastors and religious leaders pray for my children in this school that they are casting demons out of them.

People have a thinking that BIZOHA is a god that I believe in

People think that every time I take photographs, I take them to the spirits who in turn bring money to me.

People think that at Kasese Humanist School, we don’t know god or we don’t pray or we are against god or religions.

People think that I am not the owner of Kasese Humanist School and that I am being used

That I am not having any religion so I am going to hell.

That my schools are training homosexuals which is a lie even though we think homosexuals have a right to live and not be segregated against.

Lastly, a quick mention about the Humanist values that I embrace which I hope can make this world a better place. My schools cherish these principles but we are not worshipping them.

They are about 10 key values which I adopted from a certain book:

Rational world for Global Ethics, by a Canadian writer Rodrique Tremblay



1. Stina & Johanna for supporting our school financially towards this event.

2. Local and international child sponsors for paying school fees for the students

3. The dedicated and committed staff that have persevered to be with us up to present.

4. The District and Municipal education office plus relevant organs to allow us operate as we process the license.

5. I appreciate all the people who have offered your time to come celebrate with us as we mark 7 years.

We pledge to put in more efforts as we labor to make our school better. Thank you.

Yours: Bwambale Robert Musubaho 0785195561


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