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Kasanga-Kaghema Orphanage School joins Brighter Brains Institute

Posted: Mon, June 20, 2016 | By: Past Projects

​by Joseph Kasibirehe

Kasanga-Kaghema Orphanage school is located in Kasanga village, Kaghema parish, Kyarumba sub-county Bukonzo county- Kasese District, Western Uganda.

The school is located in the valley of Kaghema parish in Kyarumba sub-county and it is northwards from Kyarumba trading centre after Kyarumba catholic parish.

Kaghema parish is bordering with Rwenzori national park and this parish/village was always hit by insecurities since the year 1980s to 2000 hence a lot of orphans due to these insurgencies other died during staying away from their homes and died due to various diseases.

This is school is in the village and needs some support from various humanist donors and all ares need to be supported.

The school has 33 orphans that can be sponsored HERE

Photos below of the children playing and also of the faculty. The two women are the co-owners and co-director.


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