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Karen and Leo Zelevinsky donate $7,000 to BiZoHa projects

Posted: Wed, February 03, 2016 | By: Misc./BBI

Karen Zelevinsky and her husband Leo are two of the most generous contributors to Brighter Brains Institute projects. They were extremely supportive in building BiZoHa in 2015, providing funding themselves and helping us find additional funds from their associates. We were able to build a total of five buildings via their generosity!

Their commitment to BiZoHa has extended to 2016. The Zelevinsky family has donated $7,000 to Brighter Brains Institute, that we have passed on to Bwambale Robert, who is directing the BiZoHa project in Uganda.

The funds are to be spent in any way that ensures the success and financial self-sufficiency of BiZoHa Orphanage, BiZoHa Orphanage School, and BiZoHa Nursery School - Kahendero.

Bwambale Robert is presently considering spending the funds in the following manner:

washroom for the BiZoha girls, for use during their periods

  1. washroom for the BiZoHa girls, for use during their periods
  2. free menstrual pads (“AfriPads”) at the clinic
  3. building Playgrounds for both Bizoha & Kahendero campuses
  4. Get Andrea Vogt Clinic started - purchase medicine and hire a medic
  5. Build the new Jane Shrimpton Clinic at Kahendero - and get medic and medicine
  6. Improve security at Bizoha - Build a Fence & Gate
  7. Get Andrea Vogt Roadside Stand operating and selling food and beverages soon - install refrigerator

thanks immensely, Karen and Leo Zelevinsky! We will keep you informed of all progress.

Below are recent photos of workers putting the finishing touches on BiZoHa’s Nursery School classrooms


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