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Kanyenze Women’s Group (list of members)

Posted: Wed, July 19, 2017 | By: Kanyenze (Uganda)

Kanyenze Women’s Group has 16 women in their group.

They are seeking funds to open up a hardware store - profits will enable help them pay teacher’s salaries at Kanyenze Humanist Primary School.

Brighter Brains Institute is presently writing grants to provide funding to the numerous women’s groups that we are associated with.

Name Age Occupation

Loice Ngunguro 40 years a farmer and shop retailer
Masika Nola 47 years a farmer
Rusiya Baluku 60years a farmer
Biira Geneva 47 years a farmer and a local coffee buyer.
Mbambu Fedress 38y social worker.
Thungu Pulikeria 38 a farmer.
Jozoline Lyabuya 45 a farmer
Kabugho Jane 45 a farmer.
Suzana Thamwanzire 46 a farmer
Kabugho Pelucy 40 a farmer
Balyatire Jethu 28 a cassava flour vendor.
Kabugho Ruth 26 a farmer.
Esther Muhindo 32 a shop retailer
Kabugho Jozeline 28 a farmer
Zabende Penina 46 a farmer.
Masika Gloria 20 a Farmer


  • $3,000 - funds to launch Kanyenze Motorcycle Repair Garage
  • $3,000 - funds to build Kanyenze Humanist Orphanage
  • $450 - funds for solar electricity system
  • $2,700 - funds to dig a pipeline to obtain fresh water
  • $3,000 - funds for a Clinic (includes medicine and medic salary)
  • $50 - for female and male condoms


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