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Kanyenze Motorcycle Repair Project—FUNDED

Posted: Thu, September 22, 2016 | By: Past Projects


Kanyenze women Group, a community based organisation in Kyondo Sub County is submitting this proposal for funding, requesting support. This project is an immediate intervention that seeks to address the challenges faced by both the community and the school going children at large in as far as lunch at school is concerned. Located at Kyamakungu Trading centre in Kanyatsi Parish in Kyondo Sub County in Kasese District in Western Uganda, we provide several services to our community among which is our primary school called Kanyenze Model Nursery and Primary Humanist School. However, the proposed business will be conducted in Kinyabiski Trading centre where a lot of motorcycles park and are serviced.

Having selected lack of Children’s lunch as one of the challenges faced at school, it’s against this back ground that Kanyenze model women group is submitting this
proposal for funds to support the motorcycle garage as a business that will cater for lunch to our young children.

It’s estimated that a total of $3026 will be needed to have the business in operation to provide lunch to our children where, $41 will be the local contribution and then $2985 is the funding gap requested.

The project general goal is to support the school child learning conditions and intends to achieve the following objective.

i. To provide good lunch to all children at school such that those who could have been unable to pay for this lunch can still attend classes and study without being inconvenienced.

ii. To abolish escapism from our school due to hunger

The project will commence as soon as we receive funds from the donor but however we are preparing the room and discussing with the local authorities about such a


This business will be implemented in Kinyabisiki Trading centre a nearby town that has a lot of motorcycles which can be enjoying the garage service.

The Chairperson Board of Kanyenze Women Group will be responsible for all the business supervision and will then guide all other staff to be in the business for example the technicians.

One staff will be the sales person for the spare-parts in the garage such that bias about the inflows and outflows of cash within the business is avoided. Another one will be the technician to service the motorcycles. They will be paid according to the work done like how other garages do. That is why their pay is not included in our budgets.

Together with the Headteacher, the board chair will allocate funds to purchase children food stuffs. Monthly reports will be presented to the general board to see how the business will be fairing .

More about how we intend to implement are as indicated in the project budget, income projection and in the budget to provide lunch to the pupils as in the below tables.


The project will be sustained in way that school children will always be required to pay fees which will include some mentainance and repairs for every term that
will sustain the project.

Additionally, the business itself will be generating income to ensure lunch is provided and in any case there is surpluses, then they will be injected back into the business to boost the source of lunch.


1. Can Kanyenze explain more how much they pay the mechanic? Is it an hourly wage? If so how much per hour? Is it a % of the total income from the project?

The mechanic will earn $30 per month where it is calculated at $1 per working day when he has attended duty.

2. How much do they mark up the price of the parts when they sell them? Is there a standard % markup that they will use?

There is no standard mark up for the price only it will depend on the cost price per spare part plus the expenses incurred during the purchasing day and the rent expense; then we shall always determine the selling price. And also this is determined by other players in the same business in the nearby towns. We shall not always go beyond what they charge per spare part.

3. Are there other people with a similar business in the same area? How do the motorcycles get fixed now?

There isn’t any similar business in the same town and that is why we proposed this business that we have hopes to prosper however they are existing in the neighboring towns where currently for any breakdown of the mortorcycle, it becomes a task for the owner to hire a mechanic from the nearby town or to transport the motorcycle in question to the near by town.

4. Where will the motorcycle spare parts come from? Is there a store nearby? or far away? Direct from manufacturer?

Spareparts for the motorcycles are sold on wholesale in Kasese town which is far away from our town of Kinyabisiki almost 50km away. These re just businessmen and women and not manufacturers. there is no store nearby.


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