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Kanyenze Humanist Community takes Critical Thinking Workshop - Results are Amusing and Sad

Posted: Thu, January 25, 2018 | By: Kanyenze (Uganda)

by Loice Ngunguro

I hereby report to your office that our first training has taken place

at Kanyenze and that we enjoyed it.

I as the Group chairperson together with my Secretary Madam Mbambu Fedres handled this training which was interesting.

The participants were divided into two teams where the first team had 14 participants and the second team had 24 participants. Together with these participants, we realised that the workbook was good except it lacked some photos for practical illustrations and if it can be improved, let these photos be included. For example, in the workbook when you talk about witches, put in a picture of the witch doctor.

1. We realized: the belief existing in our people that destroyed many lives in the Rwenzururu Kingdom in which we belong was proved false having been doubted by our teams. This is the belief that witchcraft can working to make a soldier bullet proof. The belief of bullet proof magic was adopted from the Mai-Mai group in the DRC. We finally realized that the magic did not work for more than 30 minutes in the war, the government army could just wait 30 minutes to begin shooting and then everyone was dead. Our sons and daughters suffered and died out of honoring a false belief. *

#2. We also realized, pastors preach that when you give everything you have to their Church, then God rewards you abundantly. This is a way the pastors get everything they need but it leaves their followers in extreme poverty and hunger.

#3. Catholics say that their Reverend Fathers are not allowed to marry in order to remain Holy but it has been proved that some of them have children. So the Christians are wondering how it happens.


* Hank Pellissier urged the Kanyenze humanists to consider the possibility that the bullet proof magic actually never works. Right now they think the magic gives them bullet-proofpowers for 3o minutes - this is a dangerous assumption he hopes they abandon quickly.


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