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Kanungu Tomato Community Garden is Funded Again - by BBI Donor

Posted: Fri, March 09, 2018 | By: Kanungu (Uganda)

Kanungu Tomato Community Garden is one of the most successful projects that BBI supported in the last year - so we’re doing it again.

The project was recommended by Justin Silbaugh, a consultant to BBI who has worked in Uganda for 10 years. Justin’s opinion was that community gardens are an excellent project because they involve the entire community working together for success.

The project was fully funded last year by Karen Zelevinsky.

Profit from the project was used to feed the children at Kanungu Humanist Primary School. The garden primarily grew tomatoes.

Below is an email of gratitude from the director of Kanungu Humanist Primary School, followed by photos.

“Thanks to every one of you for all you do for the children of KHS.

Thank you for your generous donations, Thank you Karen for caring, thank you simply for supporting the school always even on our Facebook page we always see you. You make the most work possible—saving of children and families from starvation, sending children to school, providing financial support for so many and emotional support for all of our school and the community. Thank you Karen ! Thank you Karen! Thank you Indeed.

Robert Magara”


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