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Kanungu Humanists Association - Schedule for September 2017

Posted: Thu, August 31, 2017 | By: Kanungu

​The Kanungu Humanists Association is the directing organization of Kanungu Humanist Primary School.

Kanungu Humanist Association has only been in existence for 4 months.

Due to its young age, Kanungu Humanist Association has received less financial support from Brighter Brains Institute than any of the other eight humanists schools we partner with… but it has demonstrated quite quickly that it is:

1. Probably the most active humanist association we’re working with (it speaks on humanism in interviews on local radio stations and holds regular meetings on the topic - without asking for funds from BBI to do so)

2. Offers the best financial transparency of any humanist group we associate with (delivers receipts and photo documentation on time, without BBI needing to ask)

3. Has excellent leadership from both genders (Robert Magara and Jonald Namayange are prompt, professional, honest)

4. Shares responsibilities well with two women’s collectives - the Kanungu Women Empowerment Centre and the Bugaari Rwanika Progressive Women Empowerment Centre.

Below is this group’s schedule for September (no other humanist group has ever provided us with a similarly detailed calendar of their activities)


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