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Kahendero Nursery Humanist School: Update — June 9, 2016

Posted: Thu, June 09, 2016 | By: Kahendero

by Bwambale Robert

In our efforts to fight poverty, ignorance,disease and irrational superstitious beliefs, we are extending our services to Kahendero which is opening in a few days from now. Thumbs up to our supporters, sympathizers and enemies.

Some school uniforms destined for the pupils to study at the Bizoha Nursery School-Kahendero is being made by our tailoring tutor at the Bizoha Campus at Muhokya.

The Andrea Vogt Roadside Stand is being used to make the uniforms.

On behalf of Kasese Humanist Primary Schools, i salute and thank the generous donor for caring about Kahendero Children who are going to benefit from the learning we are are going to offer, glory be due to Science.

More about our initiatives, visit our website

Photos of Kahendero (on Lake George) and our activities, below.


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