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Kahendero School Meeting - discussing rumors spread by Anglicans

Posted: Mon, October 03, 2016 | By: Past Projects

by Bwambale Robert Musubaho

Kahendero Parents fully support Bizoha Humanist Nursery School & Kasese Humanist Primary School initiatives and wants a Primary School added next year to serve more children. Anglican church leaders tagged as enemies of the school pedaling lies and smearing our works, a section of parents confess to being told that KHPS is satanic. Big shame on these zealots who think in this era you can fool people all the time.

Today we held a parents meeting at Bizoha Humanist Nursery School Kahendero. It was the first meeting of its kind since the Kahendero School was opened early this year.

The turn up was estimated at 95% and the meeting was a success. The meeting was opened by the School Head of Infants at the school Ms Mariam Kabachotara who welcomed the parents and the School Director to the meeting. In her remarks she thanked the parents for the support in entrusting us with the learners, appreciated their potential to pay school fees and encouraged the defaulters to put in effort and pay in time.

The exercise begun with introductions, communication from the Head of Infant, Communication from the School Director, Reactions from the floor, election of the Parents Committee to work along with the teachers in our journey to create a functional PTA and School Management Committee., Issues concerning meals at the school and the Clinic usage plus its associated services and lastly Any other Business.

The school Director welcomed parents, thanked them to entrust and educate the learners with us, he mentioned about the School foundation, School Name BIZOHA and how it came to be named that and what the name entails, explained a brief history of KHPS and Bizoha and the associated schools, mentioned about the current stand and challenges.

A mention was made about the enemies of the school comprising of other School Proprietors who envy KHPS , former staffs who thought money at KHPS was there to be splashed anyhow and were disappointed to find none and Religious zealots who are misguiding the people by forging or faking lies about what we do.

What I mentioned the misconceptions, an Anglican Parent confessed in the house that she heard the news about us in her church from church leaders there and were working on instructions from someone above in the Anglican Hierarchy to the rank of Bishop/Reverend/catechist.

These man of god as they call themselves is pedaling lies and misleading his sheep to smear KHPS. I explained to them how am born an Anglican but right now not much engaged or attached to Anglican or any belief system, I mentioned scores of religion prevalent in our communities and amused the house how I am not happy how they exist in divisions, religion is there to divide people, am there to unite people. I challenged the parents that all religions have good and bad things and encouraged the people to spot out good things there and take them and ignore things not important to them.

I told them Humanism and Science and explained how the two can help them to understand better how the world operates and stressed them to understand the role of humanity in solving challenges.

I erased the misconceptions as false allegations, defamatory and unfounded.

The parents told me that they have been receiving scores of people most of them being sent to Kahendero to smear our activities but after my explanations of who I am, all the parents pledged to work hand in hand with me and we challenge and expose the enemies of hate, development who doesnot wish the people of Kahendero to develop.

The Parents requested me to put more classrooms to serve the growing number of children who can t make it to the Muhokya school. It remains a challenge to me to add more classrooms and pledged to welcome any material or financial support to put in place a primary section may be next year.

The Parents thanked Davida LeComte who offered meals for all the learners at the Bizoha School Kahendero last term. I told them that with effect from this term, the parents have to pay meals for their children since I have no funding yet going to a feeding program.

A six member team of 3 women and 3 men all parents was elected to be on the Parents Teachers Committee to spear head school activities and debunk lies from enemies plus befriending other parents to bring more children to the Kahendero School.

I passed on news that Davida LeComte has paid for Medicine and Medic Salary for our clinics at the Bizoha School and Kahendero School.

The meeting lasted for a full 4 hours. It was very hot and lively.

At 2 :00 PM the meeting was adjourned.

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With Science, we can progress.


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