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Kahendero Nursery School - DAY 2 building

Posted: Sat, March 05, 2016 | By: Kahendero Humanist School

by Bwambale Robert

The foundation of J Mossholder Classroom at Bizoha Nursery school in Kahendero has been finished on Day 2, coming next is working on Dr. Bruce Chou Classroom #3 and raising the walls.

Also works on building the Jane Shrimpton Health Clinic commences soon and will be located at some distance from the classrooms. There will be a provision of room for expansion of this healthy facility as locals of Kahendero continue to press hard for better medical services since their place seems to be abandoned by the government. There is an influx of diseases due to the poor living standards and irresponsible behaviors by some people.

The only car we have at the site (Corolla Super Limited) is helping the site a lot as it carries water being fetched from nearby lake and also help in carrying the bricks wholesomely to where its needed. I have also added in extra funds on my fuel or gas budget as this site is at some distance. I have also hired a two roomed house in this area adjacent to the site where we can keep the tools and equipments we use in the building process.

All in all, the project is moving on well and the locals are so thankful and committed to embrace this project.

Attached are some images of the ongoing works on DAY 2.

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