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Kahendero Humanist School - Update January 22, 2017

Posted: Sun, January 22, 2017 | By: Kahendero Humanist School

by Bwambale Robert Musubaho

Kahendero community are in full support of the School & Clinic project. They however request for a primary school to give chance to their children who don’t want to walk to the Muhokya School.

Will try within my limits & parent support to listen to their request and do the needful. Together we cant fail. With Science, we can progress.

As my staffs were taking humanism to places of worship - an exercise that will continue for years!, i spent my day meeting locals in Kahendero trying to visit homes, meeting children at the Kahendero school and gathering data about how locals perceive my projects.

I was enthusiastically thanked by the locals for my services, they are happy with the school and the clinic.

I found something unusual but above all expected in this world of competition. Some lies have been cooked up by some enemies that the Kasese School & Muhokya school have been shut up!, That the Kahendero school will not operate this year and only the clinic will remain, That the children we are teaching are being sacrificed so that we prosper.

Some of these claims were from a handful of some enemies of development. The locals however pledged support and thanked me for the good changes am doing in the community.

Parents however told me to put more classrooms. Several parents have pledged to donate in iron sheets, bricks, mats so that i add more classrooms. We registered over 50 children today to enroll in the primary School. We hope to stretch it up to P.3

A nearby private school is in limbo and performs poorly over the years and some able parents are getting hardships in preparing their kids get a better education, the other school nearby is a government primary school which also performs poorly.

I talked to the school management committee for the Kahendero School and they encouraged them to mean it to serve them fully not partly. They promised to mobilize more parents to support the school.

Attached are some picture highlights of the Kahendero School.

With Science, we can progress.


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