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Kahendero Humanist Nursery School update—May 20, 2016

Posted: Sat, May 21, 2016 | By: Kahendero

​by Bwambale Robert

A coat of paint is being added to the 3 classroom block building funded by J Mossholder, Dr. Bruce Chou & Victoria John. This time it has a Forest Green color above the usual KHPS Orange color. Only this has been put at the front side while at the sideways and behind will bear a roughcast of perhaps Maroon Color.

The Davida House has been painted the same way as the classroom block while the Jane Shrimpton Clinic bears the Greenish roughcast sideways and behind while at the front will have a coat of Brilliant white weather Guard paint and below it a Seville Orange color.

In regard to the Henri-Dianne Latrine, roofing works is planned for tomorrow, the 3 doors shuttering all the stances are already in Kahendero and the iron sheets/nails/padlocks have been bought already from the local hardware shop.

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