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Kahendero Humanist Hall will be built soon - funded by the Zelevinskys

Posted: Mon, February 13, 2017 | By: Kahendero

by Bwambale Robert Musubaho

The Humanist Hall constructions is commencing soon at our Kahendero property courtesy of Zelevinsky. Thanks so much for supporting building of a community hall that will bring together the people of Kahendero to our school.

Together we can combat poverty, disease, ignorance & irrational superstitious beliefs.Coming soon at the Kahendero School property, i will be building Kahendero Humanist Hall, a building financed by one of our long time friends and a greater supporter of Kasese Humanist School & Bizoha Project.

I have already purchased 3 trips of Murram, brought to the property 4000 bricks and some sand to kick start construction of the Community Social hall.

This building will bring together the locals within Kahendero Fishing village and the Kahendero school. Upon completion, on the inner walls will have portraits of great men and women in the field of Humanism, science & free thought world. the hall will be used for social functions, examinations sitting space, parents meeting venue, locals meeting venue and also casting documentary educational films on Giant screens.

Secular messages, quotes and a Secular Calendar will appear on the outer walls of this building.

I proposed the name of the Hall to be Kahendero Humanist Hall. I know more people will be interested in knowing about the meaning of Humanist. Oh yes, this will be answered on secular messages that will feature in the talking compound and on school buildings.

The Community Hall constructions will commence on Monday 20th this month.

With science, we can progress.


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