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Kahendero Administration Building - progress June 30, 2016

Posted: Thu, June 30, 2016 | By: Kahendero Humanist School

by Bwambale Robert Musubaho

The Administration building funded by Dave & Carol Thompson has been shuttered, the building after completion will house offices of the School Administration.

Currently at this site we are running the nursery class for Bizoha Humanist School - Kahendero and Jane Shrimpton Clinic.

The locals here have unanimously embraced this project with some traces of enemies of course who are against development. We are deeply interested in eradicating poverty, disease, ignorance and irrational superstitious beliefs. We strongly stand for Science and Reason and say yes to evidence based learning. We say tick to evolutionary science and encourage people to question everything.

With Science, we can progress.


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