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“Uganda Love Chicken” campaign to feed children at Mother Givers Humanist School

Posted: Fri, June 03, 2016 | By: Mother Givers Humanist School

BiZoHa / Brighter Brains Institute is dedicating the month of June to helping our newest friends in Uganda - the Buhanga Women’s Collective & Mother Givers Humanist School.

This school has adopted the Ten Humanist Principals that we suggested - their adherence to this eliminates religion from the school.

Since then, we have helped them obtain fresh water (thanks to the 3-mile pipeline that Darren Muise sponsored). Plus we got them a rainwater gathering tank (thanks to Reddit R. Atheism)

We built them a new Future Path Classroom (funded by Meredith Newman Debens),

And Davida LeComte is providing lunch money ($2,800) for their next school term (here + here)

What’s Next?

Their two largest concerns are:

1) food for the children at Mother Givers Humanist School, and

2) salaries for the teachers.

Davida LeComte’s idea is to create a business that generates enough income to provide lunches to the children, permanently. Kabugho Victoriana and the other members of the Buhanga Women’s Collective agree.

Their plan, and we support, is to create a “UGANDA LOVE CHICKEN” FARM.

380 chickens will produce enough eggs and meat to:

1) feed the children at Mother Givers School, and

2) sell or trade to buy the other ingredients needed for the healthy lunch: corn meal, beans, tomatoes, onions, plus other vegetables and fruit.

380 chickens! Want to help?

The budget is described HERE

Each chicken, plus the vaccinations, feed, and supplies to care for it, costs $10.

To donate, click:

HERE for 2 chickens

HERE for 5 chickens

HERE for 8 chickens

All donors will receive a tax deductible receipt, two free ebooks, and a personalized Thank You card from Buhanga children.

If you buy 8 chickens, you also get a BiZoHa t-shirt.

What else do our wonderful friends in Buhanga need?

Teacher salaries. At the the present time, they get paid a mere $44 month in salaries. (Faculty can be viewed HERE)

We would love to encourage them by adding bit of cash to their salaries. We especially want to support our new Humanist teacher — Masereka Sebastian.

To contribute to the Mother Givers Teachers Fund, click HERE.


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