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Joy Women Group Critical Thinking Report on Poverty and Superstition

Posted: Mon, March 26, 2018 | By: Past Projects

Held on 25/03/2018

The workshop took place at the venue of Joy Women Group in Mumbuzi cell, Nyakasanga ward, Nyamwamba division-Kasese Municipality.
Most of the participants included the members of Joy Women Group and a few non members-29 people attended. The workshop lasted for 8 hours that is from 8 am to 3 pm.

The workshop involved discussing critically the causes of poverty among women in Nyamwamba division

The participants learnt a lot of things ranging from learning what is meant by poverty, the causes of poverty and the superstition that were doubted.

Poverty was summarized to mean the Condition where people’s basic needs like for food, clothing, medicine and shelter are not being met. That Poverty is generally of two types:

1. Absolute poverty is synonymous with destitution and occurs when people cannot obtain adequate resources (measured in terms of calories or nutrition) to support a minimum level of physical health. Absolute
poverty means about the same everywhere, and can be eradicated as demonstrated by some countries.

2. Relative poverty occurs when people do not enjoy a certain minimum level of living standards as determined by a government (and enjoyed by the bulk of the population) that vary from country to country,
sometimes within the same country.

The facilitator Baluku Blasio said this about the Danger of Poverty

“Poverty often deprives a man of all spirit and virtue; it is hard for an empty bag to stand upright.”

And the facilitator Mbusa Anatosi said this about Poverty and Happiness

“Resolve not to be poor: whatever you have, spend less. Poverty is a great enemy to human happiness; it certainly destroys liberty, and it makes some virtues impracticable, and others extremely difficult.”


The participants gave the following reasons as the causes of poverty among women in their division.

Lack of entrepreneur skills; Women do business anyhow, but most women don’t have adequate capital to start or boost businesses, so they end up not involved in commercial farming or meaningful businesses.

Diseases is another cause of poverty among women; when women are sick they stop business and most women spend a lot of money on diseases attacked by children. These tend to empty their pockets.

Over spending on food, tuition, clothes, medicine, water bills, electricity bill, trade license and house rent etc make women remain on standstill in poverty.

Unemployment is also among the causes of poverty among women; most women are not employed in the government or NGO’s available because they are not well educated.

Climate change especially drought season: Most women are involved in agriculture and therefore they in most cases tend to be disappointed. Also heavy rains leads to over flooding of river Nyamwamba leading to destruction of crops in Nyamwamba valley.

Trick stars/ Abafere: These are common in Nyamwamba division, they trick women and steal women’s property. They were argued to get rid of abafere.

Other causes of poverty among women are ignorance, laziness, domestic violence, big families, low education level and poor planning among others.

Superstition leading to poverty and doubted:

Thinking that money is got from traditional doctors; that they give blessings to the less fortunate.

Thinking that money can be got from illuminati; that people agree with some spirits to Cut/shorten ones age/years on the earth in exchange for riches.

Thinking that praying to god for seeking riches.

Thinking that if you meet an albino person in the morning when you are going for business, you don’t make good profits or you will not sell many items.

Thinking that if you don’t give money or food to the church leaders then you will not be rewarded by god.

Thinking that only women who develop some beards like men are more blessed to get rich than the women who don’t have. This leaves other women not involved in business because they will not get rich.
Thinking that men’s decisions have power and are the best good ideas; so men decide for women in matters of doing business.

Thinking that women don’t own property, it makes women poor and dependant on husbands.

Another serious threat that was given by women is that: Some men don’t want WOMEN to do business. They fear that women will not respect them when they have more money.

Some men think that women will look for other men and or divorce.

They think that women cannot control money well, they are not security conscious

Thinking that the women’s’ work is to dig, kitchen work and look after children and that business is for men.

What to do to ensure that women get out of poverty

Women should ensure that they are involved in different businesses and different works, all work can be done by women.

Women should always decide for themselves on the business they can manage and not let men/husbands to decide for them certain businesses.

Avoid superstitions e.g seeking for riches from traditional doctors, wasting a lot of time praying to get money; mind about working all days in your garden, shop, tailoring, handcraft, bar, restaurant on
your bodaboda and when you get money properly plan it.

Avoid wasting your time and never think that illuminati is there to give riches; riches can only be got from practical work and not magic.

Get rid of trick stars/abafere that can still your money and make you poor.

Remain healthy to make money and get rich

There is need to apply family planning so that there giving birth to many children who make women poor due to feeding them, clothing, medicine and tuition among others.

Lastly, we thank Brighter Brains Institute for funding this critical thinking workshop, it has helped women and some men to understand the causes of poverty well and know the superstitions that make women and the entire community poor. We hope this will help women to re think and work hard out of poverty.


Mbambu Lavina
Joy Women Group


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