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Jonald Yamayangye teaches Microfinance to Kanungu Women’s Empowerment Group

Posted: Thu, August 17, 2017 | By: Women

by Jonald Yamayangye

I kindly report to you that I met kanungu women’s group at kanungu Humanist School on 16th August 2017.

I was welcomed by the school director Robert Magara. He introduced me to the women and the meeting started by the chairperson of the group.

I taught women on how microfinance works and how the funds they are yet to receive should be invested In projects that will earn them an income for a better life. I taught women how to do projects they can manage and be trustworthy so as they can get pay back of the micro loans being given to them.

I gave them an example of someone who started with one circuit of wheat floor and cooking oil using only 20,000 Ushs and she is now a supplier of chapatti in 5 schools in kanungu after 7 months.

I taught women how to sell their skills for example those who know how to make crafts like mats, beads, baskets to mention but a few, and those who don’t know can easily learn from their friends.

However the chairperson of the group talked about how girls are suffering in kanungu especially those who drop out of schools due to many challenges which includes poverty cycles in the families they grow from. Robert explained to her very well and gave her reasons why he started a Humanist school in their community. He said, he is making a proposal for this.

I allowed questions from the women and many of them were asking about how to pay back which I explained well and how much one is allowed to take which I told them from $50-$250 at a 0% interest rate.

Below are the names, projects and funds requested by the members.

Count Name Project Amount requested (Ushs)
1 Komugisha Gaudensia Beans and coffee for business 500,000
2 Tusiime Jonah Buying of a goat 150,000
3 Musanyuse Evarlyne Buying of a goat 300,000
4 Tugumisirize Evas Buying of a goat 200,000
5 Tumwebaze abia Growing tomatoes 200,000
6 Kyomugisha scovia Buying a goat 100,000
7 Muhereza resta Buying a goat and beans for farming 200,000
8 Medias kwikiriza Beans for business 300,000
9 Tucungwire Hilda Beans for business 200,000
10 Komugisha burasidiya Buying a goat 200,000
11 Kyarimpa Sylvia Coffee business 200,000
12 Beinenama Claudia Buying a goat 200,000
13 Ahimbisibwe honest Buying a goat 100,000
14 Tumusiime evas Coffee business 200,000
15 Bandaganeire jonesta Beans for farming 200,000
16 Kyarimpa Yolanda Dry foods business 300,000
17 Tumusiime levina Dry foods business 200,000
18 Peace mwesigye Buying a goat 100,000
19 Tukamuhabwa Allen Buying a piglet 200,000
20 Tushemereirwe scovia Banana business 200,000
21 Birungi sarah Buying a piglet 250,000
22 Arinaitwe scora Buying goats for business 400,000
23 Tusiime Anna Buying a cow 300,000
24 Twinomujuni honest Buying a piglet 50,000
25 Gonzaga Esther Sewing business 200,000
26 Tumwine Agatha Buying a piglet 100,000
27 Asiimwe rosemary Buying a goat 50,000
28 Akampurira Winifred Coffee business 300,000
29 Kyasimire monic Beans for business 300,000
30 Mrs. wine kyomukama Dry foods business 300,000
31 Total amount requested 6,500,000

I ended the lesson telling women to be proud of themselves and make projects of their own for a better life.

The women were very happy and requested me to go back for other lectures.

Jonald (in blue dress) teaching Microfinance to Kanungu Women
Jonald (in blue dress) teaching Microfinance to Kanungu Women


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