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Jonald Namayangye teaches Feminism to Bugari-Rwanika Progressive Women’s Group

Posted: Sat, August 19, 2017 | By: Women

by Jonald Namayangye

I here by report to you that I met with the second women’s group of kanungu called Bugari-Rwanika progressive women’s group at the current kanungu women’s center on 19th August 2017. This was arranged by Robert Magara.

In presence there was also the kanungu women’s empowerment center director Obvious Atwongyere who welcomed me and kindly introduced me to the women.

I taught women on the importance of girls receiving an education. I sensitized them how education is one of the most critical areas of empowering a woman. Some of the importances I taught them include; decreased infant mortality, future educated generations, decrease in domestic and sexual violence, decrease in child marriage, decrease in population explosion among others.

I allowed women to ask questions and one of them asked how there community would be helped since many of them have got a challenge with health services especially there children who always suffer from diarrhea, typhoid due to lack of clean water and etc. Robert was there and he trained them how they could have a clean hygiene and sanitation. He also talked about humanism, how they should live a better life since it’s the only life they have in this world. He also encouraged them how he would wish to see a world free of religions and he reminded them about the “2000 infernal caused by kibwetere”

Shallon who is a member of this group told me how the girls are sexually harassed after dropping out of schools due to poverty and some of them do not know how to read and write. Few who receive an education do not get jobs and fail to get capital to start some investments and she asked me to explain how those girls can get support.

Questions were many but mainly women talked about the challenges they have in their families and especially how girls are suffering, leave schools at an early age and go for early marriages, others lack school fees, others go to work as house maids and many others.

However the women all liked the idea of micro loans to improve on their projects so as to earn more and support girl child education.

The chairperson Jane Kyomuhendo in her remarks said that they would use the micro loans to improve their projects like buying manure, pesticides, improved seeds, sewing machines and other equipment.

I perhaps recommend for more support to this community.


Jonald Namayangye


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