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Jane Shrimpton Clinic will be launched in Kahendero, Uganda

Posted: Wed, February 03, 2016 | By: Kahendero

A new medical clinic will be built in the fishing village of Kahendero, Uganda, on the shores of Lake George. Brighter Brains Institute will construct it, to serve the students at the soon-to-be-built BiZoHa Nursery School - Kahendero.

“Jane Shrimpton Clinic” will be the name of the Level 1 medical centre. The $1,500 in necessary funds to build the clinic were donated by the four children of Jane Shrimpton.

Holly Shrimpton, the daughter of Jane, informed BBI that:

“We very sadly lost our mother Jane to cancer 3 years ago. I know she would have been a strong supporter of your cause and after discussing the school with my 3 brothers last night we have decided that making a donation in her name would be a fitting memorial in what would have been her 60th year.”

Holly also told us that:

“I work in the healthcare sector here in the UK and have links with several healthcare development, family planning and medical education organisations, so if there is anything further I can do to help the clinic please let me know.”

BBI is very pleased to have this new relationship, and we’re committed to building a wonderful new clinic - our 13th - to support the health of Ugandan children.

Kahendero is perhaps the most needy, unhealthy village we have ever established a clinic in. Problems include drug addiction, alcoholism, prostitution, gambling, cholera, and a very high rate of HIV/AIDS.

Jane Shrimpton Clinic will seek to alleviate these problems, in a variety of ways, including the distribution of free condoms.

The $1,500 is sufficient to build the structure that the clinic will be housed in. Additional funds will be raised to buy the medicine and supplies ($250-350 per school term), and to pay the medic’s salary ($500 annually). Anyone wishing to contribute to this can email for details.


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