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Jane Shrimpton Clinic - update April 23, 2016

Posted: Wed, April 27, 2016 | By: Kahendero Humanist School

The Jane Shrimpton health clinic which is in the final stages of its completion has had its side-way & backside wall roughcast-ed green.

The clinic once completed will avail some medical attention to pupils going to Bizoha Nursery School @ this Kahendero Site.
Due to public demand, the people of Kahendero have requested me to also think about them in extending medical services to the entire community.

There exist only one small government medical clinic which in most cases is always closed and when open the drugs are not there.

Local leaders in the area of Kahendero are also seconding the idea of a functional clinic in their area where the locals can access medical services at a small fee.

Attached are some of the images of Jane Shrimpton Health Clinic house 1 and the Davida house which will serve as a kitchen/dining area.

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