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Jane Shrimpton Clinic in Kahendero - Report from July, 2016

Posted: Thu, August 04, 2016 | By: Kahendero



Month of July 2016 Brief Report from Jane Shrimpton Clinic – Kahendero

I am so thankful that we opened doors to the Bizoha School – Kahendero and the entire community at Kahendero on 29th June 2016.

Lots of progress has been registered as below:

We have stocked and restocked the clinic twice this month responding to the need s of our patients. Drugs worthy 600$ were procured.

We bought 4 plastic chairs, one table and an office chair for the clinic.

We do have 2 microscopes in use at the clinic.

A Clock that hangs on the wall notifying the out patients and other visitors to the clinic is in place.

Put in place a sink, dustbin and 2 jerry cans to stock drinking water.

A shelf for medicines was installed and fixed on to the wall; we left a provision to enclose the unit with glasses upon funds availability.

We recruited a medic, Mumbere Wilfred who is stationed 24 hours at the clinic and is doing a good job treating patients.

We do receive an average of 6 patients daily and the good thing is that all of our patients get healed. Thanks to Science and tireless effort of our Medic.

Diseases Diagnosed and Treated:

Malaria 34 cases

Typhoid 6 cases

Peptic Ulcers 12 cases

Diarrhea 3 cases

Blood pressure, 5 with high blood pressure and one case with low blood pressure

Malaria in pregnancy 2 cases

Severe backache 6 cases

HIV/AIDS & STDs 43 cases

Domestic accidents 3 cases.

Fluenzar 15 cases

Dental problems 4 cases

Our Requests:

We need to expand on our services and among them are as below:

-Stocking well the Dental department by getting more dental extracting forceps.

-Serving women in labor which necessitates us to reserve some space and fit in like two beds

- strengthen family planning programs and child spacing

-We plan to admit people who are in bad health conditions who could not meet the higher costs offered in other clinics.

-we want to introduce workshops on fistula, STD/HIV prevention, Hepatitis B, good nutrition and malaria prevention.

- Vaccination and antenatal services.

-We need volunteers in the medical profession to work at our clinic.

- We require an extra staff to run laboratory services as the medic is over worked.

Challenges at the Clinic:

We lack beds for badly off patients to rest on.

Water is a problem, our drinking water comes from Kasese daily which is costly, lake water readily available in Kahendero is contaminated and not fit for consumption.

We need at least one rain water harvesting tank.

We need a solar panel or a power connection to the grid as Alternate Current line is in the vicinity of the clinic/school.

More drugs to satisfy the increasing number of our patients.

Extra Funds to facilitate workshops.


We thank Holly Shrimpton for supporting construction of this clinic, availing it with drugs and paying the medic at this facility.

We thank the authorities and the people of Kahendero for their strong support and commitment to value our work at the clinic.

Lastly I thank the management and staff of Kasese Humanist Primary School/BIZOHA for having came up with this initiative which is currently helping many school children some of whom coming from poor backgrounds that could not have got chance to get free treatment.

Photos about the clinic progresses are available online at

Report written by: Mumbere Wilfred, medic at Jane Shrimpton Clinic

Verified by: Bwambale Robert Musubaho, Overseer of the Clinics @BIZOHA/KHPS


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