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iPROSPER - the Entrepreneur Workshop - Implemented by: Joy Women Group

Posted: Tue, April 10, 2018 | By: Past Projects

iPROSPER - the Entrepreneur Workshop, Funded by: Brighter Brains Institute, Implemented by: Joy Women Group, Kasese Uganda, Date: 9/4/2018

The workshop venue has been the meeting place of Joy Women Group in Mumbuzi cell,Nyakasanga ward, Nyamwamba division-Kasese Municipality. The workshop was attended by 29 people and most of them were the members of the group.

In this workshop we have shared about the 7-Steps to guide participants towards success in their entrepreneurial goals. The 7-Steps are iAM, iRESEARCH, iANALYZE, iCALCULATE, iPLAN, iMANAGE, and iIMPROVE

The trainees were very happy about this workshop because it followed a critical thinking workshop on causes of poverty among women in Nyamwamba division-Kasese Uganda.
In this Iprosper-the Entrepreneur workshop there were learning important knowledge to words prosperity or out of poverty through entrepreneurship.

In iAM step: Many participants discovered that they were doing business without examining many things like knowing their skills, which business makes them happy and who can help them etc.

iRESEARCH: Few used to make research to find things like needed skills, seeking knowledge from those who were successful in doing a related business and research how you will compete with others ETC.and then seeking advice about a business.

iANALYZE: In this step most participants were like they don’t analyze well the businesses, most of the people just pick without examining the potential and risks of different business ideas. Rujumba Moses added that analyzing a business enables you to identify a business which needs resources of your potential.

iCALCULATE: In icalculate participants saw that most women don’t write the costs of every expense item, in fact most of them just memorize and in most cases they end up forgetting. That in calculate, you write down the inputs and their costs. Participants were told that Many entrepreneurial ideas fail because the costs end up much higher, much more expensive than the
entrepreneur thought they would and that do not be optimistic about your expenses.

iPLAN: In this step participants learnt that it is the time to know if one is ready to start a business after knowing the steps you need to get the project started, eg license, utilities , analyse possible
obstacles you need to install, products you need to buy. From planning one comes to know the right business..

iMANAGE: From management of a business, participants were urged to always manage their businesses effectively. business owners are agued to always have cash books in which to record all business expenses and income. Write anything in Business like amount spent or earned, names and telephones of people you transact business with and need to always have invoices and receipts.

iIMPROVE:By improving participants were told that an entrepreneur needs to be innovative and creative, do unique things and you will have many customers.

Summary and conclusion

Members suggested that they will come together soon to find out a business they would like to do. Members are going to think critically and in a week time a business plan will be submitted to BBI.


Mbambu Lavina
Joy Women Group
Kasese Uganda


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