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iPROSPER Entrepreneur Workshop taught to Women’s Group in Cameroon

Posted: Tue, April 24, 2018 | By: Cameroon

by Mr. Samuel


This workshop was another move to mobilize and educate marginalized women to make riches out of agriculture which is the closest tool ready for them. The workshop took place on April 17th, 2018 at the chief’s palace in NKIMECHI-OKEM: one of the forest communities where our presence is noted. 43 females attended the workshop; 20 comprised of widows and single mothers while the remaining 23 women were married although still living extremely below the United Nations Poverty Line.

We thought it necessary to teach the seven steps of iPROSPER to them to help themselves out of poverty.

At 4:30 pm Mr. Samuel stood up and greeted the women who were present and expressed his sincere joy for showing interest in the workshop. He explained that the workshop will last for an hour thirty minutes (1hr, 30mins) and it will all be based on the iPROSPER guide adopted by BBI. He now unveil the huge package of the day that is the seven steps of iPROSPER beginning from iAM, iRESEARCH, iANALYZE, iCALCULATE, iPLAN, iMANAGE, iIMPROVE. While making sure participants (the women) are actively involved in all the exercises presented under each steps. The women expressed joy for such an eye opening with words like:

‘‘I am happy to be part of the workshop and before now I had the zeal for a small business though with no capital but I never knew how to start I think with this knowledge I can start after raising a small capital’’ majority of the women identified small businesses they are interested in like selling of food stuff like water fufu, gari, bobolo, arita eguah, and ekwang while a very few mentioned piggery. Since majority of the food stuff mentioned during the workshop were all related to cassava, they decided to fully engage in cassava production since it is used for several dishes which could serve as food for household consumption as well as small village restaurants to reduce food insecurity common in the area. As such, they all wish the cassava farm project be funded to relief them out of poverty.

Lastly after all deliberations were made and concluded, Mr. Samuel reminded then on the need to stay completely off superstition in order to establish a good and flourishing business. He reminded them that whatever wealth they are bound to create depends entirely on their efforts not on any sort or form of superstition. It ended at 6:23pm.

A participant speaking: Please help us fund this Cassava Farm Project, we all needs it.


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