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iPROSPER Entrepreneur Workshop Report for BUHANGA THULIBAGHUMA WOMEN’S GROUP - 08/04/2018

Posted: Tue, April 10, 2018 | By: Past Projects

The workshop on Entrepreneurship was carried out on Sunday at Mother Givers Humanist School in Buhanga.

36 women and 2 men attended the workshop.

Masereka Sebastian a social development worker and Thembo Micheal a philosopher and Former employee of Vision Fund Uganda facilitated the workshop.

Participants learnt about the 7 steps that guide candidates of business towards their success. And these include:


All information concerning the above were read, translated in local Lukonzo language, discussed in length and most of the members contributed.

The following questions were asked to the participants: And were answered using brain storming as we refer to the above 7 steps.

Who has ever run a successful business before?

From all participants 8 identified to have ever run very successful businesses.

Why do you think your businesses were successful? The following answers were given as we refer to the 7 steps above.

Had no competition, I was the only one in Buhanga who was buying and selling passion fruits by then.

Observed maximum hygiene during selling pans

Had adequate capital

Gave time to the business

Listened to the demands of the customers and could speak to the customers humbly.

Asked some friends and some business owners for advice.

Reduced business expenses

Got a loan from HOFOKAM micro finance and boosted the business.

I owned the room and did not have to pay rent.

Knew from grandparent how to prepare sweet Katogo.

Always informed the customers of new products I had

I could add some Tangawizi to make my tea more liked.

I put my business in a busy place and made sure that I bring new things.

I made sure that my workers are clean

I gave some customers discounts and my customers increased

I woke up early and stayed in my business

Who has ever started a business and it failed? All the participants had done businesses and failed. Why do think your businesses failed? The following reasons were given.

Some identified jobs/ businesses in which they had no skill.

Poor location of businesses.

Some used to get absent for many days and got to the business late.

Some traded in perishable goods like fish and tomatoes with stiff competition.

Some couldn’t observe hygiene at work

Some were not focused; they wanted to trade in this and that without seeing into the pros and cons of businesses.

Some were forced to do certain businesses by their husband, parents and friends

Some were tired with the work, heavy for them and were not happy.

Some businesses were far from their homes and they could not get to work easy.

Many responsibilities at home like cooking, looking after children, husband and animals.

Others failed because they became pregnant during their business time

Others failed because some suppliers stopped bringing goods.

Some could not withstand the traveling on pick-ups to go for business

Other failed because they lacked market for their products.

High business expenses like license, rent, transport, lifting luggage etc.

Insecurity, some businesses were stolen.

Depending on magic and prayers to make the business prosper made some fail.

Others because new traders who bring related products came in and customers decreased.

Some couldn’t calculate, they don’t do proper recording, no cash book in business, no contacts of people who they transact business with; don’t record profits or losses and therefore no communication.

A good number could not advertise for their businesses and few customers were aware of the busineses.

OOOH,we didn’t know , that is why our businesses fail; said all the participants. The participants further thanked the facilitators for bringing this important information that will eventually help to reduce poverty in Buhanga. They further thanked BBI for funding this important initiative. Conclusion:

Participants were advised to get involved in different businesses after following and looking into the 7 steps of the iProsper- the Entrepreneur workshop designed by BBI.

And that they shouldn’t think that their business will prosper if they get involved in magic and prayers

To be successful entrepreneurs, you will have to work hard at your tasks, and think smart. Your human ability, your imagination, and intelligence, and willpower will assist you so that you can profit.

Education, Networking, Research, Analyzing, Calculation, and Planning can guide you to entrepreneurial success.

You can help yourself, because you are real, and you are smart.

By Masereka Sebastian (Secretary) Buhanga Thulibaghuma Women’s Group


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