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Humanist Schools in Kasese, Muhokya, and Kahendero - Open Today

Posted: Mon, February 06, 2017 | By: Past Projects

by Bwambale Robert Musubaho

Kasese Humanist Secondary School opens its doors today, in our schools a drastic increase in enrollment is noticed in Muhokya & Kahendero schools, this is a remarkable achievement in our efforts to combat ignorance, poverty & irrational superstitious beliefs.

Term one opens at Kasese Humanist Schools:

Term one officially opened at Rukoki campus in Nyamwamba Division within Kasese Municipality.

We registered 56 pupils today at school and are very optimistic more pupils will continue coming in more days to come.

Some of our pupils do go upcountry for their holidays while others do report within the first two weeks, as a school we are against this nonsense and do urge our learners to report on time but the nature of our parents matters too!

At the Muhokya Campus, the school registered 190 pupils in attendance which is some good news in this part of the world .

At the Kahendero School, its a blast too, scores of children are joining our school, today’s enrollment was at 104 pupils.

In all the schools we expect our learners to shoot up. This is a big blow to the haters and enemies of the school especially religious zealots and fanatics who are misguiding locals that HUMANISTS are bad people, they are uttering ignorant statements which are baseless and carrying no meaning.

They are worried of the progress reached at over the years by KASESE HUMANIST INITIATIVES and i guess they are fighting a losing battle. WITH SCIENCE, WE CAN PROGRESS.

At the secondary School, we registered 6 students and basing on the promises we have from parents, we are targeting to have 50 students for the two classes.

A team of seven teachers have been offered jobs to teach the secondary section 4 men:3 Female. Our School sign post along the main road has been modified to depict three schools all in one campus.

Attached are some of the images of the Secondary School teachers plus some of the children reporting on the first day.

With Science, we can progress.


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